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Additional services.

Things I expect you to provide:

To help you get started and learn more about what to expect see my Web Questionaire.

Services offered

Shen Valley Tech offers an affordable way to get you on the Internet. You supply the text‚ images‚ contact information and email link. I can scan images for use or provide clip art from our extensive selection. I will design your web page or website to your specifications‚ providing simple yet elegantly designed web pages that load fast. I can build pages with XHTML code and Cascading Style Sheets that are validated using the W3C tools.

Shen Valley Tech will provide you a single to multiple page website which might consist of:

What does it take to do a web site?

In order to understand what it takes to design a simple web site I am providing a table estimating what it might take for the design of a simple 5–page website. I will be happy to provide a quote for what I think it will take to do the design. Please note that my work will be based an agreed upon initial design and any radical change to that initial design will require additional man hours‚ which I will requote‚ to make the changes to the original site design.

Task Description Man Hours
Initial research for requirements 10 — 16
Initial design 10 — 16
Coding the design 16 — 24
Customer review and corrections 8 — 16
Delivery of the website with imagery‚ text and all code. 2 — 4
Total man–hours 46 — 76

Web Site Redesign

If your website needs updating or redesigning to get your message out then Shen Valley Tech can help you. Making text changes‚ adding new images or a complete layout change is not difficult. I will also add new pages if needed. I will work with you to present a new face to your customers.

Web Site Maintenance

Website maintenance is based upon the number of pages which are to be changed and the frequency of the changes to be made. Making text changes or adding new images added to a web page is common. I will also add new pages as needed. If your previous web designer has moved on and you need some maintenance done for your existing site‚ I will work with you to restore your site to usefulness.

Web Hosting

I do not provide hosting services but can suggest a local Hosting service with Domain Registration at reasonable prices.